30 Jul 16

We worked for many years in the market of lighting equipment.

Here You can find the latest examples of led lighting such as Led flood lights led T8 tubes led panels led street lights led industrial lamps type bell led light bulb E14 E27 led ceiling office fixtures lamps various led lights for warehouses, advertising backlighting and architectural lighting.

However, realizing that changing the lighting in the most modern in the regions of Russia is an absolutely different pace we offer classic types of lighting products like metal halide lamps, track spotlights metallogaloidnye energy saving lamps fluorescent lamps halogen lamps metal halide DRV DRL light indicators led rope light led festoon light shapes, and more

The main products today is the following products



Led floodlights are currently a great alternative to both halogen projectors and in most cases the metal halide floodlights. Indispensable for lighting objects with Autonomous power supply and the availability of quotas for use of electricity. Perfectly applicable in architectural lighting advertising lights General lighting architectural and landscape lighting and other types of lighting.



Led lamp T8 steel at the moment, a real boon for a large number of enterprises, office centers, state and municipal enterprises, educational institutions and all organizations who have used in your lighting T8 fluorescent fixtures raster fixtures 4H18 or 2Х36 and other lamps with T8 lamps. Not only compliance with Federal law 261 and real cost-savings compliance with quotas the absence of the need for special utilization of higher life-span makes the led T8 tubes are simply irreplaceable.



We present You a variety types of lamps - energy saving and led light up spotlights under the halogen lamp. No ceiling fixtures unthinkable finishes and lighting of residential and office space.

You can always get any advice from our experts your questions by phone 495 781-6383

Or use our feedback form that will allow You to know the answer to any question without spending time and money on a phone call.

We will help You quickly and correctly choose the necessary products and provide free delivery of Your orders.

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