Led bulb, "Corn"

01 Aug 16

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Led bulbs come to replace obsolete industrial and household lamps. Advantages of led lamps are obvious efficiency high efficiency environmentally friendly long lifetime.

Structurally led corn bulb represent the base of the radiator on top of which are mounted the led strips on an aluminum substrate with a thickness of 1.5 mm. Used in modern chips the size of 28х35 light output with 130-140лмвт. The resulting light output of lamp 110-115лмвт. In the case of solid plastic mounted driver. In bulbs over 60W have a fan brand Sunon guaranteed term of 50000ч and 120W models installed additional fan to cool the driver. At an ambient temperature of 20°C the lamp is not heated above 50°C. Such a temperature allows you to use the bulb in sealed covers and lampshades.

In our practice, most of the lamps used in warehouses and in factories with ceiling heights up to 8m although in some cases, the lamps were set to a height of 12m. If necessary, we complete lamp adapters for caps E40-E27 E27-E40 or udlinnitelej E40-E40 due to the design features of some of the lamps sometimes require their use . Additionally, the lamps can be equipped with reflectors in this case, the lamp becomes a lamp with high energy efficiency.

SPb sh. Revolution 69 korp. 102

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